How to Tell if You Can Grow a Beard or Not (3 Simple Ways)

how-to-tell-if-you-can-grow-a-beardIt can be quite sad to see other guys your age with beards or some facial hair on their faces when you don’t have any.

This can be normal in a lot of cases because facial hair growth stages differ from one person to the other.

Some people may start noticing some facial hair in their mustache area as early as the age of 11 or 12, while others won’t be able to see it until their late 17s or 18s.

I hate to say it, but whether you can grow a beard or not is just a matter of luck. And by luck I mean genetics.

If you don’t have any facial hair (yet), don’t worry (yet). It might be just a matter of time.

You’re probably wondering “How can I tell if I can grow a beard?”. Well, let me answer that for you.

How to tell if you can grow a beard or not

Here are some simple ways to tell if you can grow a beard:

1. Just look at your family


Seeing if your father, grandfather or ancestors had a beard (or at least could grow facial hair) is the simplest and most straightforward way to know if you can grow one or not.

So if any of your ancestors had a beard, there is a high chance that you’re going to grow one as well.

Facial hair growth is all about genetics. Your hereditary genes are what determine whether you can grow a beard or not.

You may be thinking: But that’s not my fault. That’s unfair.

And I agree with you.

But don’t lose hope, there are some great facial hair growth products out there that work. Not overnight, but they do work.

So it’s a good idea to try one out if you’re in your 20s and not seeing any beard yet.

2. Are you hairy?


If you have hair in your legs, arms, chest or back, then you’re probably going to have some in your face too.

Another way of telling if you’re hairy or not is to look at the speed of which your hair (head hair) grow after a haircut.

If your hair grows quickly and you get a haircut often, it’s good news.

3. Early signs

If you start to see some hair under your nose or at the corners of your upper lip between the age of 12-15, then you’re probably going to see a beard some time later on.

Having facial hair in your upper lip at that age is the first stage of beard growth.

It then starts becoming a mustache in your late 16s or 17s, and (hopefully) become a beard in your early 20s.

If you’re noticing these stages slowly, you may need to take some beard growth vitamins to stimulate facial hair growth.

As I said earlier, these stimulators don’t work overnight, but they work and help make the process faster.

What if I don’t see any of these signs?

Well, I’m sorry to hear that friend.

The best advice I can give you is to be patient.

Some people are meant to grow facial hair faster and others just can’t.

I also highly encourage you to visit a doctor. Sometimes it may be a problem that’s easy to fix, like nutrition or sleep problems (yes, they do affect facial hair growth) and a doctor would help you fix them.

Another thing to consider is taking beard growth vitamins. They don’t cost much and tend to work very well. So don’t be afraid to try them out if desperate.

Beard growth can be a frustrating problem for some guys. If you’re one of them, just be patient and don’t lose hope. Just try out as many things as you can and it’ll start growing eventually!

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