Shaving Soap vs Cream – 3 Main Differences You Should Consider

shaving-soap-vs-creamMany men make the mistake of believing that the only important factor in getting a great shave is the quality and type of razor you use.

However, it doesn’t matter how sharp or pristine your razor is if you don’t have the right shaving soap or cream!

Shaving soaps and creams soften the hair on your face and protect your skin from the razor blade while providing cushion and lubrication for the razor.

Using the right product can help you to get the closest shave possible without harming your skin.

If you are new to wet shaving, you may be wondering which is better: Shaving soap or shaving cream?

The debate has gone on for ages, but, when you break it down, it is mainly a matter of personal preference.

However, some shaving products are better for people with different experience levels and shaving needs.

In this article, I’ll show you the many pros and cons of both shaving soaps and shaving creams to help you decide which shaving product is right for you!

Shaving Soap vs Shaving Cream: What’s the Difference?

Shaving creams are similar to lathering soaps and almost look like a whipped dessert. They are rich and thick in consistency and are sold in jars or tubs.

Many fatty elements are present in shaving creams, including coconut oil and glycerin, which makes them so dense and creamy.

On the other hand, shaving soaps come as hard, rounded pucks that look like hand soap. It is produced similarly to hand soap as well, so it is slick and stable in consistency.

Quality shaving soaps also have high glycerin content and are triple-milled, which provides ultimate lubrication.

1. Lather

Shaving creams are formulated with more water than shaving soaps, so they lather quickly and effortlessly with any shaving brush, or even without a brush.

On the other hand, shaving soaps are a bit more difficult to lather. Because of their hard texture, it requires a little extra brushwork and a special technique to get a suitable shaving lather.

However, most people agree that shaving soaps provide a more luxurious lather once you learn how to use them properly.

For this reason, experienced wet shavers are better off with a shaving soap. Beginners should stick to shaving creams and save themselves a headache until they have a bit more experience.

2. Scent

Shaving creams are heavily scented, and the aroma will stay with you throughout the day. There are various scents to choose from that will leave you smelling fresh and alluring.

However, some men prefer the scent of their cologne and find shaving cream aromas to be overpowering. Men with sensitive skin may experience irritation from such a strong scent as well.

Shaving soaps are more subtly scented. They provide a nice aroma, but it isn’t as noticeable and won’t be present by the end of the day.

Men who have sensitive skin won’t have to worry about any irritation from an overpowering scent with shaving soap. If you prefer to use cologne, shaving soaps are subtle enough that they won’t clash.

3. Razor

In general, if you use a safety razor, shaving cream is a better option than shaving soap because it provides more protection.

On the other hand, if you use a straight razor, shaving soap is a better option than shaving cream because the thick lather provides more of a cushion for the razor to glide across.

If you don’t have a very dense brush or prefer not to use a brush at all, shaving cream will work much better for you.

However, if you have a denser brush, you will be able to work with shaving soap and create the best possible lather.

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