What Does Aftershave Do? 6 Benefits of Using Aftershave

what-does-aftershave-doI think we can all agree that despite how high-quality your razor is, shaving can be detrimental to your skin.

Whether shaving makes your skin prone to acne, roughness, ingrown hairs, redness, dryness, or cuts, almost everyone has experienced some post-shaving skin ailment.

What if I were to tell you there is a magic potion that could mediate these harsh side-effects of male grooming?

There is. It’s called aftershave.

This article will explain what does aftershave do (I will talk about 6 benefits) and why you should never shave without it.

Running a razor across your face every day doesn’t have to be as detrimental as it sounds when you use aftershave to restore, rejuvenate, and refresh your facial skin after a shave.

Many people don’t realize how important this extra step can be in your grooming regime, especially if you have sensitive skin.

So, What Does Aftershave Do Exactly?

1. Aftershave Protects Your Skin

When you shave, your razor not only removes the hair on your face, but it removes the top layer of skin as well. This leaves your face vulnerable and susceptible to irritation.

Aftershave creates a layer of protection over your recently exposed skin to prevent irritation and infection from the outside world.

This layer of protection is especially important if you get nicks and cuts from shaving. Not only does it protect your skin, but it helps wounds heal quickly.

2. It Feels Great

My favorite thing about aftershave is the cooling, refreshing sensation it brings to my skin. It will tone down redness and soothe any razor burn you may have.

Sometimes after I shave, especially if I’m in a rush, my face is left feeling much rougher and rawer than before. Aftershave provides relief to my beaten-down skin while leaving it feeling fresh and new.

Many men suffer from dry skin after shaving, as well. Aftershave provides moisture and lubrication, so your skin won’t feel tight or barren.

3. Aftershave is Hygienic

Most aftershaves have antibacterial properties, which ensure that your pores won’t clog. This helps to prevent acne and ingrown hairs.

Aftershaves also have astringent elements and delve deep into hair follicles to cleanse skin cells and prevent infection or irritation.

4. It Makes Your Skin Look Better

When you feel good, you look good too.

Since aftershave moisturizes, cleanses, and refreshes, it gives your skin a firm, polished look. It tones down redness and gives your skin a smooth, appealing texture.

Instead of having flaky, dry, irritated skin, you will feel confident with a smooth, toned face.

5. Aftershave Smells Great

When using aftershave, your confidence will soar from looking great, but also from smelling great.

Aftershaves come in a variety of scents and choosing one is just as fun as picking out a new cologne.

6. Aftershave is Affordable

Aftershave fits any man’s budget. There are luxury brands you can splurge for, but there are also cheap options available that still provide all of these amazing benefits.

Which Type of Aftershave Should You Use?

In the world of aftershaves, two types reign supreme on the market: balms and splashes.

Each works differently for different types of skin. Here is the rundown:


aftershave-balmBalms feel heavier on your skin and provide a thicker layer of protection. They also provide more moisture.

If you have especially dry skin and don’t mind the waxy feel of a balm, this is the best aftershave for you.

Balms are generally more popular in dry or cold climates since they are so protective against weathering and outer forces.

Balms have a less pungent scent than splashes, so they are ideal for men who want a more subtle aftershave or prefer the scent of their cologne.


aftershave-splashSplashes have a watery, lightweight feel and contain more antibacterial elements than balms.

If you have oily skin and are prone to infection, this is the best aftershave for you.

Splashes are more common in hot, humid areas because they are lightweight and refreshing.

One thing to look for in splashes is how much alcohol they contain. Some people with overly sensitive skin are better off with balms because the alcohol content can be irritating.

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